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The Art of The Old Fashioned

Welcome to the final part of a four part series, where we learn the art of cocktail making with Marshall Siavash. In this video, Siavash will demonstrate how an old fashioned cocktail is made. The drink appears to have originated in a gentlemen's club known as the Pendennis Club. This all happened in 1881, where the combination of spirits, bitters, water and sugar proved popular. It is believed that the bartender at that club honoured Colonel James E.Pepper, a lauded bourbon distiller, with the invention of this cocktail. Before the formal invention of the Old Fashioned, it was known as a bittered sling and one of the original recipes consisted of rum, gin, brandy, water, bitter, sugar and a nutmeg garnish. Marshall Siavash is the head barman at the House of Machines in Cape Town. In this video, he demonstrates, in true mixologist style, how to make and serve this classic cocktail. We suggest you visit the bar to try this cocktail out. Please avoid using a blow torch without the experience. For more information on cocktail making and Marshall Siavash visit House of Machines. View part one – The art of the margarita. View part two – The art of the mint julep.  View part three - The art of the white lady.   Save