OFF Menu at the Secret Festival

OFF Menu, a Spanish collective of graphic designers, food artists, wine makers and bio food dealers, head to Stellenbosch at the end of the month for the Spier Secret Festival. They'll join Bompas & Parr, Arabeschi di Latte, Angus McIntosh and Isabelle Legeron as speakers at the food festival's conference. We chat to these innovative foodies about who they are and what they're up to at the festival. What is OFF Menu all about? OFF Menu was born in March 2012 in Barcelona as a non-profit independent collective, with a global view, a lot of illusion, much hunger and no taste for light. It's a food and gastronomical experiences container. It's not just into what we eat but it’s also into how we do it. In Barcelona, we don’t have just divine food, we also have amazing rituals and ceremonies around food. OFF Menu explores the wide range of culture that lies in food around the globe, from an everyday life perspective to the most ancestral traditions. Is the Secret Festival the first time you will be coming to South Africa?  This is the first time OFF Menu shows outside Spanish borders. We are so happy with the idea of celebrating food in this amazing context. How did you get involved with the Secret Festival? Omar Sosa, co-founder of the interior magazine Apartamento and one of the members of OFF Menu, was invited to the Toffie Pop design festival last March. The relationship between both countries was settled then. We know you are speaking at the Secret Festival Conference. What can we expect?  Omar Sosa, Art director from Apartmento; Pepi de Boissieu, food event creator and thinker; and Miquel Angel Vaquer, Casa Mariol Winery chairman; will explain why they consider 'el aperitivo' the sexiest Spanish meal. We want to pay homage to 'el aperitivo' – a sort of Spanish-style brunch. What are you looking forward to at the Festival?  We are very much looking forward to all of it. The whole experience of coming is great, the speakers, the events, the people, the city. We are glad to say hello to Cape Town. What should we take away from OFF Menu at the festival?  That food belongs to all of us and it always deserves a celebration. The Secret Festival runs from 27-28 October, 2012, at Spier and explores the latest in food and wine trends. Tickets are R1 500 and available through Computicket. All talks, workshops, meals and tastings are included. The Saturday market is open to the public at R70 per ticket for the day and includes a wine tasting glass and five tasting vouchers. Children under 12 enter for free. For more information visit