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Natural Gift Wrap

Victoria Tatham of Kiss, Blush and Tell fame shares her sweet and simple gift wrapping advice. Why is the tradition of wrapping Christmas gifts so special to you? It just makes getting a gift that much more personal and exciting. Even if it’s something as small as a bar of chocolate, gift wrapping still makes it feel a lot more thoughtful. Who is this gift for? These gifts are both for my sister. What is the inspiration behind this gift’s wrapping? Christmas! It’s all about celebrating my favourite time of year; the festive season. What materials did you use?

  • I used my staple brown paper
  • A polka dot serviette
  • Stamps from the post office
  • Bakers twine
  • A candy stick
  • Ribbon
  • Mini bells
Do you have any tips for gift wrapping? I actually learnt how to gift wrap at my first job in London where all gifts were impeccably wrapped. Wrapping well is just about practicing over and over again, and not being shy to throw on little bits and bobs to make the gift personalised and fun to look at. There is no right or wrong, plus it makes your actual gift seem a whole lot more exciting! Victoria Tatham shares regular beauty, food, home and style inspiration and advice on her blog, Kiss, Blush and Tell. You can read her posts at