Miss + Meisie design

Jess Binns and Wendy Douglas are two designers who aim to transform spaces with their distinct creative identities. Originally from the UK, Jess is an interior designer for Hector and Bailey, and Durbanite Wendy is making waves with her ilovebokkie children's  furniture. With their different heritages influencing their aesthetic tastes, this creative pair perfectly melds British and South African design. To showcase their collective works they’ve created a pop-up-shop concept, aptly named Miss + Meisie, which launches this week at the Sanlam Investments FoodWineDesign Fair. Handcrafted wooden boards from Woodnewz and delicately designed pieces from Skermunkil will be showcased alongside detailed illustrations from Kareena Zerefos, as well as watercolour artworks from Evelyn Binns. What sets Jess and Wendy’s carefully curated items apart is their understanding of compromise when it comes to creativity, as well as how our surroundings influence our daily lives. Read more about the different designers that are part of the Miss + Meisie collaboration at Hector and Bailey or ilovebokkie. Text: Nadia van der Mescht Nadia is a creative consultant who has a passion for locally crafted products.  She works with fellow creatives and builds brands, online presence and press portfolios. Creativity with integrity is her motto. Read her blog at