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The Art of the Mint Julep

Welcome to part two of a four part series, where we learn the art of cocktail making with Marshall Siavash. In this video, Siavash will demonstrate how a mint julep is made. This ubiquitous cocktail has an interesting history that originated in the southern United States, during the eighteenth century. It was the drink of the elite. Only wealthy individuals could afford to buy the expensive commodity of ice or to own an ice house. Furthermore, with the first mint juleps being served in authentic silverware, the drink became a marker of the upper class. The first mention of this cocktail in print was in 1803 in a book by John Davis where it was described as "a dram of spirituous liquor that has mint in it, taken by Virginians in the morning." Today there are many variations on the traditional recipe but Marshall takes us back to basics in recreating this crowd-favourite. Marshall Siavash is the head barman at the House of Machines in Cape Town. In this video, he demonstrates, in true mixologist style, how to make and serve this classic cocktail.


50ml Bulliet Bourbon 25ml lime juice 25ml sugar syrup Handful of mint leaves For more information on cocktail making and Marshall Siavash, visit House of Machines. View part one - The art of the margarita.