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Introducing Marrow, Cape Town's dedicated broth bar

Greg Cox
When four friends decided to open up a gin bar in Cape Town, they had no idea that the spirit was about to be the next big thing in drinks. A few years later, The Gin Bar is one of the places to be, forming a much-loved part of the Mother City's nightlife identity. Exploring new culinary territories seems to be what Jeanne Marais, Dennis Williams, Anthony Gird and Michael de Klerk do best. Their latest idea, a Cape Town first, takes the form of Marrow - a small and trendy broth bar tucked away neatly on Loop Street. Why a broth bar? 'Marrow was partly inspired by a love of soupy things and partly by a trip to Japan,' the founders tell us. 'We were also inspired by the incredible health benefits of broth and the sheer versatility of it, which makes it fun to come up with new combinations.' And the combinations really are special. Visitors to the restaurant can choose between several broths, ranging from a simple, clear bone broth to options with more unusual ingredients such as lentils with flaked almonds, chorizo and even one with fresh orange segments. The restaurant industry is unpredictable and by no means an easy one to conquer, but the founders of Marrow aren't worried. 'When we started The Gin Bar, gin was a new thing for South Africa,' they reflect. 'We didn’t know if it would even catch on, but here we are three years later, and we still see magazines saying that gin is in! So we’re used to doing things that aren’t necessarily a safe bet. We just enjoy coming up with ideas and maybe challenging the norm a little.' With people flooding in thanks to recommendations, the new eatery has attracted a lot of attention. 'The response we've had on social media and the feedback from customers make us feel positive that Cape Town is ready for Marrow,' the owners say. But don't take their word for it - go and see for yourself at 83 Loop Street. For more details, visit marrow