Lombardy Estate and Health Spa

Style is not often associated with the great outdoors. Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, it is vast. And yes, you can see the stars at night. But when we think of the great outdoors, words like 'roughing it' crops up. We associate it with bad food, wooden huts, practical furniture decidedly not built for comfort, and sleepless nights in a tent. We want to visit the great outdoors. But we don't want to live there. In fact, it should rather just stay where it is - outdoors. But what if you could get the benefits of the great outdoors, right where you live? What if the great outdoors became elegant? How is this possible, I hear you ask? Have you heard of Frank Lloyd Wright? Master architect. Genius designer. And inspiration to such famous architects as Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen, who reinvented his classic Prairie style to update the outdoors. What if you could blend architecture, colour, style and outdoor living, but still make it modern? Design an outdoor lifestyle that is not only practical, but also desirable? At Lombardy Estate and Health Spa, this is exactly what the developers were going for. The idea from the beginning was to bring elegance to the great outdoors. In order to do this, they first had to find an outdoor space great enough. So they invested in a piece of land, only 15 minutes from the centre of Pretoria, stretching 100 hectares. They developed this land, giving it structure, laying it out, creating beautiful gardens, wetlands, waterways and dams. They named it Lombardy, after its namesake in Italy, and they populated it with indigenous plants, trees and shrubs. The wildlife, insect and birdlife came naturally. They created the great outdoors, in the city. And then they made it livable. They created a host of products, from apartments, boutique homes and great, big stands for homesteads - all with one vision: to create a like-minded community. Not in the same sense that trendy apartment blocks are a community populated by hipsters between the age of 24 and 28, but rather a wholesome community that caters for professional singles, young families, more grown-up families and retired couples. In other words - a real slice of life. Of people representative of all stages, but drawn together towards a shared aesthetic. That aesthetic is elegance. From the unobtrusive security system with fancy features such as a covert intruder perimeter detection system and tamper-proof tensile mesh fencing (yes, security can be elegant), the convenience of a 5-star hotel, restaurant and conference centre, a health spa, offering you as homeowner special treatment packages, right through to the architecture. As one of the homeowners, Willie Oosthuizen - an architect himself - rightfully said: 'The attention to detail and beautiful lines of the homes harmonises proportionately with each other. It is indicative of a well thought-out estate.' The vast interiors of the homes open up into the great vistas outside. The amount of natural expanse, parks and communal spaces means that you can mix the great outdoors with your own lifestyle. And that is really where the elegance shines through. Through style, practicality, beauty and the freedom of living in a secure estate, Lombardy Estate and Health Spa is finally making the great outdoors available to everyone. If you would like to experience real country living in the city, please phone Donavon Lallyett on 082-940-9625, Otto Pagel on 082-774-3755, Christo Steyn on 082-453-4303, Vino Baum on 082-372-6030 or email

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