Kyoto Garden Sushi

I eat out a lot. I have to– it’s my job! This means that I often won’t return to a restaurant for some time simply because there are so many other places that I need and want to try out in between. Necessity also dictates that I spend a fare portion of time enjoying a poached egg on toast, in my pyjamas, at home in front of the TV. Of course, there are also some restaurants that I actively choose not to return to, too. But the reason that I haven’t been back to Kyoto Garden Sushi in Cape Town for an embarrassing length of time is mostly because of the primary reasons listed above, as well as the fact that I regarded it as a ‘special occasion’ kind of restaurant, due to budget constraints. Thankfully though, I broke the drought, as I’d heard that owner Scott Wood had introduced an ‘Early Evening’ menu (available between 5:30pm and 7pm Monday to Saturday) that’s lighter on the pocket. For R150 per person, the menu consists of a wholly satisfying umami miso broth, steamed edamame beans, eight tuna, or salmon, or vegetable California rolls, a generous platter of light and very crisp vegetable tempura with grated daikon and dipping sauce, two scoops of ginger ice cream and a glass of wine. Don’t get me wrong, this was sufficient in quantity and very delicious, but because I can’t help myself, my husband and I also ordered two salads– cold Udon noodles with sweet prawns and a light soy sauce, and Ocean Delight (octopus, squid and prawns in a light, creamy dressing, served with baby greens)… entirely worth it. We also ordered cocktails, which I believe are among the tastiest in Cape Town – interesting concoctions of elegant flavours and ingredients such as Sake or Japanese whisky. I had a Ginger Mizuwari, which infuses root ginger, fresh limes and smooth whisky together. It’s pretty, fresh and serves as a happy accompaniment to the delicate flavours of the cuisine. Overall, the menu offers a fairly vast selection of incredible seafood options, as well as other choices, and while the name may suggest otherwise, it’s certainly not all sushi! The ambience is Zen and the dishes are refined in their simplicity. If you feel like a rather delicious spa experience for your insides, this is probably your best bet. But don’t detox entirely – have a cocktail or two, too! Kyoto Garden Sushi, 11 Lower Kloofnek Road, Cape Town, 021-422-2001 Text Raphaella Frame-Tolmie