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Junipa’s Coffee Roasters

Aroma, relationship and artisanal are the buzz words on the lips of coffee drinkers these days. And with the influx of knowledge and options the bar has been raised in terms of overall quality too. Enter Junipa’s Coffee Roasters... The Jozi bistro/bakery is winning the hearts of its patrons by making their top drawer coffee available for purchase. Master roaster and aficionado Mark Smith not only hand selects the beans he uses, but he also blends and roasts them in-house. The best part is, you can now buy the bags to take home with you. With a total of six blends on offer, your coffee will be fresher than ever and tailored to your taste buds. Beyond Mark’s artisanal blending and roasting, Junipa’s Coffee has also decided to differentiate their blends by taste profile, aroma and experience, instead of by coffee region. It makes complete sense to us - but we suggest popping it to try the experience for yourself. Junipa’s Coffee Roasters blends come in 250g bags and are freshly ground to go. Head to Junipa’s at Shop D4/D5 Hobart Grove,  cnr. Hobart & Grosvenor Rd  Bryanston or call 011-706-2387. Grab one of their award-winning croissants while you’re there.