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international flair and flavours at the 41

the 41 You haven't truly experienced all that the Mother City has to offer if you haven't enjoyed a meal or drink on the bustling Camps Bay strip. Considered by most to be one of the best beaches in the world, Camps Bay provides an incredible setting to soak in the natural beauty of Cape Town. One of the best spots to do this in is The 41, an eatery that offers great sea views, a diverse menu and delicious cocktails.

the atmosphere

You can't miss the black and glass building in at the top of the Camps Bay strip. The dark colours and minimalist design add a touch of sophistication, while the glass ensures you can take in the remarkable vistas. Along one side of the restaurant is a long bar complete with a Champagne bar fountain, which offers up a great selection of cocktails, including an innovative bespoke cocktail of the month that is created from scratch. While the look and feel of the restaurant communicates opulence, The 41 still has a relaxed atmosphere. This duality means that you can stroll in after spending time on the beach or dress up for a date or special occasion and feel completely comfortable in both situations. It is also a family-friendly spot.

the food

On paper, The 41 is a contemporary Mediterranean restaurant, but you can find everything from sushi and burgers to carpaccio and chicken and prawn curry on the menu. Chef Aristotle has crafted a menu that everyone, regardless of their tastes and preferences, can enjoy. The menu changes seasonally, but you will always find the restaurant's firm favourites on the menu. We decided to try the unusual calamari starter with creamy pesto and the signature ostrich steak with putu pap, chakalaka salsa and atchar yoghurt. the 41 The calamari was remarkable. It offered a familiar dish in a completely new way. You would think that creamy pesto, Parmesan and calamari wouldn't work together, but they do, and it's magic. The dish is rounded off nicely with a crisp potato nest that adds wonderful texture to the dish. The ostrich steak is marinated for 24 hours in an incredible secret sauce before it is cooked up. While the menu is quite vast, Chef Aristotle smartly simplifies his dishes by only having two or three elements on the plate. This way, nothing gets lost and you can really focus on the flavours. The 41 embodies all the best things about Camps Bay – international flair, natural beauty and a relaxed atmosphere, with the added bonus of delicious food. the 41