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Let's Eat Cake

Photo credit: Ross Symons Dedication, a vision and a passion for baking were three ingredients key to the launch of one of Cape Town’s prettiest patisseries, LionHeart. The concept is driven by Nikki Albertyn whose love of sweet things found her studying the art of patisserie at Silwood part-time over the course of 2015 while also working at Zana Products as a designer. It was during this frenetic time that she started developing the LionHeart brand, launching it timeously at the end of 2015 with amazing French almond confections. ‘I want to inspire through my creations and elevate the treat-eating experience to a new kind of level of special,’ says Nikki of the vision for this new venture. While her baked creations are beautiful to the eye, it's flavour, colour and texture – the whole package – that inspires her. ‘I can spend a lot of time imagining how the three can live together in harmony in the shape of a cake.’ It is adding the final touches to one of her cakes that truly brings her joy, but she’s also quite happy measuring out and organising the ingredients. ‘Getting them all ready to become some delicious creation while listening to pop hits on the radio is like a mini solo-party every time!’
The incredible Astronomica Mini cake by Nikki Albertyn. The incredible Astronomica Mini cake by Nikki Albertyn.

There's a range of delectable styles and flavours of cakes available, which can be ordered easily via her website, including the Alesia Rose, named after LionHeart’s first customer, which offers Swiss meringue butter cream between layers of spiced almond and pistachio carrot cake, or the Cloud cake, which is a light chiffon cake. For utter decadence, you’d be advised to dive into the Astronomica Mini and ensure you order it as a chocolate mud cake for a delicious cocoa fix. When it comes to the treats she makes, Nikki names the lemon sugar biscuits or her dark chocolate mud cake as her favourites. Named one of our Rising Stars in 2015, Nikki's exciting new venture is one we're pleased to report on. When asked what her hopes for LionHeart are, she adds, 'I am big on job creation and hope that this is something that I can contribute to through growing my business.' And perhaps one day baking a cake for music artist Florence Welch... Visit her website at sweetlionheart Follow her on Instagram