Honest Chocolate Café

Danielle Le Chat

Be still my beating heart! Someone has answered my childhood prayers! That someone is in fact a duo, Anthony and Michael, who sought to open an entirely chocolate-centric café. You heard me. Chocolate. Café. A far cry from the mass produced chocolates we've accepted as standard, Honest Chocolate is by now a household name in SA, famous for their artisan chocolate bars wrapped in gorgeous, eco-friendly prints. Handmade in Cape Town using only the finest raw Ecuadorian cacao, their chocolates contain zero added preservatives or artificial flavouring, dairy or processed sugars, meaning it's a healthier alternative. In fact, because they use unroasted raw cacao, their chocolates have more antioxidants than dark chocolate. Healthy chocolate? Yes please! Now they've branched out with their latest venture, Honest Chocolate Café and let me tell you, this place is awesome. Yes, there are the usual café suspects - hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate tart (and even still, they're anything but usual). But then there's the mind-boggling chocolate pizza, chocolate guacamole and nachos, chocolate truffles rolled in lavender, chilli and salt, banana bread bunny chow (the mammoth indulgence that is a hollowed out banana bread loaf filled with macadamia chocolate spread and ice cream) and perfect, gooey chocolate brownies. Do yourself a favour - bring out your inner Willy Wonka and visit this gorgeous slice of heaven. WHERE: 64a Wale Street, Cape Town WHEN: Open from 8am – 4pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am – 2.30pm (Sat) For more info visit