Give Thanks to the Brew

Not that anyone needs an excuse to crack open a cold beer, but today is as good a reason as any since it’s International Beer Day. Given the rapidly growing craft beer industry across the world, it’s no surprise that what started out as a small celebration in California has burgeoned into an event observed in over 200 countries across the world. Starting in 2007, the event was founded for three simple reasons: to get like-minded people together for a drink, to give those who make and serve beer a slap on the back for a job well done, and to bring into the spotlight the vast variety of beers made across the world. We take a look at a few articles and recipes we’ve published on the subject of craft beer. Here are a few of your favourites:

Brew beer with attitude

High in the rugged Cederberg mountain range lies a farm that not only produces excellent wine, but which now also brews three outstanding beers with an interesting story behind them.

Top 10 craft beers

Late in 2014 Rob Heyns of the League of Beers gave us his top 10 favourites. Check them out here.

Starters, mains and dessert...

beercompos Beer-battered prawns The perfect snackification Beer-braised beef shin A warming pot of goodness that pays homage to the brew. Guinness chocolate cupcakes Showered with pretzels for salty-sweet goodness

Vote for Best Microbrewery

bestofsamicrobrewery You've nominated your top five microbreweries across South Africa, now it's time to vote for the Best of SA. Voters stand a chance of winning a trip in a versatile Nissan NV200 combi to the winning establishment for themselves and three friends. Vote here.

Five beer tips that work

BuzzfeedBlue did a decidedly silly video in April this year filled beer tips and tricks that actually work, including how to turn warm beer into cold beer in just five minutes. Take a gander here:   READ MORE: Watch: Hipsters order beer Lager as it should be Vote for the best microbrewery