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make cocktails with Cointreau


The ubiquitous orange liqueur, Cointreau has a unique flavour, and a lively character that dares you to go beyond the conventional. This triple sec spirit is produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France. The first bottle of liqueur was sold in 1875, and now over 13 million bottles are sold each year. The production process of this unique apéritif is still a family secret. Now Cointreau has designed a creative gift pack to bring out the mixologist in everyone. Three exquisite cocktail kits bring out the best in the liqueur while encouraging you to get creative and celebrate the festive season in style. Each kit contains a premium bottle of Cointreau along with a classic goblet or branded glass carafe. The gift pack also includes recipes for 6 Cointreau fizz cocktails. carafe-gift-pack


Ingredients 50ml Cointreau (two tots) ½ fresh lime or lemon 100ml soda water Ice Method Pour all the ingredients into a glass and combine well cocktail_fizz_orange_1466978877656   SERVES 1 This gift pack is available at Makro, Ultra and Norman Goodfellows stores only. Retails for R339.99-R359.99. For more information please visit Cointreau.co.za Save Save Save Save Save Save Save