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The Four Cousins restaurant is Robertson’s newest laid-back spot

The majority of South Africans will know Four Cousins wine. Started by the four Retief cousins in the mid-90s, their first offering was released in an impressive 1.5 litre bottle. Now, Four Cousins is the country’s biggest selling bottled wine brand, and it’s affordable. The cousins have now added a restaurant to their brand - a new landmark in the heart of Robertson - and we were invited to try out the most chilled spot in the valley. As we entered Robertson, a large, modern building greeted us on the right. Boasting five sections - a bar area, a wine tasting space, two indoor dining rooms and outdoor seating - the restaurant is certainly expansive. And, with sunshine streaming through it’s floor-to-wall windows, it only seems bigger. Black steel beams frame the building, while elegant rose gold and black pendants shine light onto each area. Pale, natural wood finishes complete the aesthetic, creating an overall look of contemporary glamour. four cousins Wine tastings occur near reception in a light-filled space, where the walls are decorated with the Four Cousins’ history. We were presented with a number of unique wine pairing platters that are very affordable - only R55 each - and include combinations you won’t find anywhere else. From toffee squares, meringue and sweetie pies to liquorice allsorts, chocolate and nougat, the tasty treats provide a sugary delight to the senses. Savoury combinations, including brie, biltong and cashews, which are perfect for those who aren’t so sweet inclined. Not to be outdone, Four Cousins also provides a non-alcoholic tasting option, as well as a kid’s grape juice pairing. And, if you’re not in the mood for wine, their Scottish Cousin pairing includes a range of distinguished whiskeys, while they also brew their own Boet Beer. If you don’t want nibbles, a tasting of just four wines is available for R20. Suitably sugared-up, we then settled down for a wholesome lunch. The menu is extensive and varied. Breakfast, burgers, wood-fired pizza, flatbreads, starters, salads and a coveted chef’s choice section flitted past as we flipped through the menu. I would highly recommend the Papillon flatbread - avocado, crispy bacon, thyme, red onion marmalade and green fig brie - to share around the table. The balance of sweet and savoury flavours certainly excite the palate. The trendy dish of pork belly is also a favourite, and it’s   easy to see why with its crunchy crackling and flavoursome mash. For dessert, it’s impossible to resist a decadent chocolate fondant, though it wasn’t quite as ‘gooey’ in the middle as I would’ve liked. It’s easy to sit back and relax in the cosy space, especially as the staff strive to make diners feel at home. A collection of couches in between the two dining rooms is a perfect spot to laze after a languid lunch and enjoy more wine. Or, if the weather suits, settle down under the leafy trees and while away the afternoon. The Four Cousins restaurant is a must-visit spot whether you’re just passing through or spending a weekend in relaxed Robertson. Visit for more details.