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Our guide to luxurious living in South Africa
Discover the best places to sleep, eat, drink and relax around the country
Coco Safar offers an all-encompassing coffee experience in Sea Point
Combining the world's most sophisticated espresso bar with the world's first rooibos brewery, Coco Safar is reimagining the concept of coffee
Where to satisfy your poke cravings in SA
Get your poke fix at these top picks in Cape Town, Durban and Joburg
If you like brunch, you’ll love this brunch recipe book
A book review of Brunch Across 11 Countries – Recipes of a private chef by Alix Verrips
Dash Restaurant and Bar’s new menu exudes elegance
New executive chef Albert Bronkhorst has a unique approach to fine dining that showcases the best of South Africa
The interior of Dash Restaurant and Bar provides an elegant atmosphere Named after Queen Victoria’s beloved first dog, a King Charles Spaniel, Dash Restaurant and Bar knows how to mix elegance with a touch of frivolity. And now it is embracing modern culinary trends courtesy of a new chef: Albert Bronkhorst. Dash Restauran
Book review: Fress – Bold flavours from a Jewish kitchen by Emma Spitzer
The 2015 MasterChef UK finalist’s rich cultural heritage shines through in this, her debut cookbook
Chef’s day off
From hidden gems to fine-dining destinations, this is where Cape Town’s culinary best go to eat
We chat to Flagstone winemaker Gerhard Swart about childhood tastes, secret talents and his favourite cultivars
Having recently been named Winemaker of the Year, Gerhard Swart has had an exceptional 2017
A nod to the nostalgic at CASA Restaurant & Cabanas
The interiors at CASA Restaurant and Cabanas in Sea Point are amusingly reminiscent of a playboy’s playground circa 1971
Camphors restaurant offers contemporary food in a beautiful setting
The award-winning Camphors restaurant is situated on the historic Vergelegen estate outside Somerset West, and is ideal for summer lunches
The exterior of Camphors restaurant The five enormous trees from which Camphors derives its name are national monuments – they were declared such back in 1942 – and the restaurant is situated on the venerable Vergelegen estate, originally granted to Willem Adriaan van der Stel in 1700. Don’t, however, imagine for a moment that the weighty sense of history and heritage here means that the food is in any way staid, old-fashioned or stuffy. Created by Cape Town-born chef Michael Cooke and his team, the cuisine is resolutely contemporary, with an emphasis on enhancing the flavours of key ingredients, as well as on the cr