Family home in Vermont

Before moving from South Carolina to Vermont, Dustin and Jess Glasscoe sold virtually everything they owned. Dustin is the owner of Vermont Farm Table woodworking business. Jess, is on the brand team at Seventh Generation. They have 2 daughters – Eloise Violet and Ada Rose (not pictured) and a German shorthaired pointer called Moose as well as various chickens. When they bought this former sheep farm, they had to start all over. For Dustin, this meant frequently running to the studio to build a new piece of furniture for the house. That drive to create led to Vermont Farm Table. In only two years, the garage-born business has grown to support five employees, a full woodshop and a retail store. Since moving into this home, the business wasn’t the only thing to grow; the couple added two children to their family too. Image 1: Our dining room and kitchen are connected in one big room. The floor is reclaimed pine, and I paid $50 for the wood. The best part is that the old patina makes it nearly impossible to spot new spills and stains — a huge benefit with two daughters under 26 months old! The table is a custom pedestal built by Vermont Farm Table. I made the light above the table in a crunch when we needed to move into the house (all found objects). The bar area is a reclaimed corner cabinet that I purchased on the side of the road for $35. The chairs came from a local architectural artifacts company run by my friends. Image 3: This is our outdoor dining area. We dismantled a hideous old deck on the back of the house with the intention to rebuild; like most things, when you strip away the complexity, you find the beauty. Once the deck disappeared, we found that we preferred the open and inviting space just as it is. The table pictured is made from 100% reclaimed materials and non-toxic finishes. Image 4: When we remodeled our kitchen, we did not finish the cabinets because, at the time, I did not know how to build kitchen cabinetry. Now two years later, this old wooden box and rope handle seems to have fit the bill just fine. The wood is almost 150 years old. Image 5: This is the guest bedroom. The bed was one of the first large pieces of furniture I made, almost eight years ago. We don’t have TV, so when guests visit, we offer up plenty of reading materials. Most of the books on this wall are cookbooks — about one-tenth of our collection! Image 8: I gutted the entire kitchen in one day. We had no plan, but I knew making the mess before we moved in was the right thing to do. Even if it meant living with a camp-stove and washing dishes in the bathtub for a few weeks. So, we moved into our new house with no kitchen and only a blank canvas. The wall color is Mythic White (basically primer), and everything you see wood-wise was made from leftover wood in our first year in business. We live for food, cooking and entertaining. We choose primer white because it helps the food be the hero in this room — the same way a nice white ceramic plate is used for plating. The kitchen floors are made from reclaimed wood. I am drawn to products that will last my lifetime and beyond, and that’s probably my affection for antiques — when you find something that has been around for 50 years, it is likely to be around for another 50 years. Longevity is a guiding principal in all the things we make. Sometimes, I daydream about all the tables we build and how they will outlive me. It’s not an egotistical thought; it’s more a sense of responsibility I feel toward the products we make. Love all the beautiful old wood in this home – makes if feel really comfortable and natural. Perfect for life with kids! For more images visit Design*Sponge Source: Amy Azzarito for Design*Sponge As the author of Becoming You, Kathryn is a mom of 2, wife of 9 (years that is!), Capetonian, book lover, chocoholic, francophile, magazine addict, prettiness magpie, amateur photographer, jewellery junkie, sometimes gardener, wannabe world traveller (on hold for now), terrible saver, reluctant chef, creative crafter, art film watcher, impatient driver, children’s book collector, list maker, saved by grace… She blogs to connect with the world and to remind herself of who she is aside from someone’s mom.