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Entrepo Wine Decanter

Decanting may sound silly (why pour wine from one vessel into another to make it taste better?), but it works! Wine specialists concur that decanting can improve the wine. Entrepo offer an amazing range of wine decanters that suit any style or budget. We love this Love Home Glass Decanter, for its organic shape, broad stem and reasonable price. When you decant a bottle of wine – especially with older wine – you separate it from its sediment (when left in the wine, this tends to make it bitter). The movement when decanting causes the wine to mix with oxygen, allowing it to develop and come to life at an accelerated pace, which is particularly important for younger wines. The Entrepo decanter, being clear, allows you to experience your wine at its best. Remember not to wash your decanter with dishwashing liquid; its shape makes it difficult to get the soapy residue out. There's nothing worse than soapy wine! Instead, use a mixture of crushed ice and coarse salt. The decanter retails for R139,95. Purchase it online at entrepo.co.za or visit one of their stores in Cape Town or Joburg (the website gives a list of stockists). Alternatively, you can call 021-462-2063 for more information.