Earth Fair Food Market

Cape Town’s CBD, like any other, never sleeps. Day and night the city is alive with the bustle of cars and buses, bicycles and pedestrians, and all of the noise that goes with them. But every Thursday there is a chance for everyone in the CBD to slow things down in the city. In support of House and Leisure’s new Market of the Month feature, we set out on a virtual tour of Earth Fair at St George’s Mall last week, and found it to be the perfect way to spend a lunch hour. It’s a bustling sanctuary from the city, even though it is right in the centre! Every Thursday from 11am to 3pm the Earth Fair Market at St George’s Mall brings the city the best selection of food, fresh fruit and vegetables, drinks, desserts, and everything in between! Whether you’re in the mood for a German bratwurst, some hot Indian curry, or Spanish paella, Earth Fair has it all. Treat yourself to home-made lemonade or a smoothie, and indulge in a cupcake or the best ice cream in town. And while you’re snacking on some biltong or spring rolls, why not stock up on fruit, vegetables, spices, nuts, meat and cheese for the week? Held at the beautifully tree-lined, pedestrian-only St George’s Mall, the market is alive with visitors, yet a welcome break from the bustle of work and city life. There are benches where you can sit and savour your lunch and watch an eclectic gathering of Capetonians who have two things in common: a love for local; and a need to escape the office for an hour. For more information, visit Follow House and Leisure on Twitter for more virtual tours @houseleisureSA. Text: Lize Hartley