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Drink This: Adama White Blend 2012

The onset of autumn in Cape Town (cue the Sea Point foghorn, a mist-swathed mountain, the slow turning of the oak leaves) has brought on a sudden, desperate craving for risotto saturated with Parmesan, pan-roasted wild mushrooms, a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts… This revived preoccupation with an all-time favourite dish (put aside and all but forgotten in a long, hot summer of low carbs) came about while spending some quality time with a wine that happens to go spectacularly well with it. A rich risotto such as this demands a wine that can stand up to its weight, but also not overpower it, which is why Bosman Family Vineyards’ newly released Adama White Blend 2012 (R100) fits the bill, being both full-bodied and balanced with an elegant minerality. It comprises five different varietals - Chenin Blanc (60 per cent), Chardonnay (20 per cent), Semillon (eight per cent), Viognier and Pinot Gris (both six per cent) - sourced from the Bosman family’s vineyards in Wellington and the Upper-Hemel-en-Aarde valley in Walker Bay. This latest vintage (the last was the brilliant 2010 release) was ranked under the Top 10 white wines at the 2013 Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show. It’s a wine that can happily age in the bottle for up to five years.