A big heads up to stationery nerds - say goodbye to filing woes with these stylish new labels from Design-A-File. Creator Helene Oosthuizen stumbled across the idea while trying to differentiate her own files from her husband's. 'I always wanted to make my files pretty, and could never find what I was looking for,' she explains. 'I was given a packet of labels as a gift from an overseas colleague, but the labels were printed in two blocks, a block that you stick above the hole of the file, and another block that you stick below the hole. This didn't work for me, as all the branding of the file itself still showed. Covering a file in gift wrap was such a mission, so I decided to make my own Lever Arch file labels, and started with designs that will hopefully cover a wide spectrum of tastes.' The system worked so well that Helene decided to create her own business. 'I hope Design-A-File will give people the opportunity to apply simple decor concepts to their lifestyles. Now there is no need to hide the unattractive Lever Arch files behind closed doors but instead create a visually striking dimension to your interior through the application of the Design-A-File concept. I wanted to create a practical system that would ensure they were not an eyesore on the wall-mounted bookshelves of the room.' Helene has designed a number of labels, which will suit your admin, cooking and personal needs. Some of our top picks are the cutlery set, which is ideal for saving all your favourite recipes, and the birds and flowers, which will brighten up any room. The labels are sold in packs of four and the stickers will fit most Lever Arch file sizes. They can also be cut to size to adjust to different file sizes available on the market. Custom designs can me made for orders of 100 or more. To view Helene's designs and to order, visit the website at Happy filing!