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Delight in Decaf


Sure, there are those who drink coffee solely for the caffeinated kick it offers, but we'd hazard a guess that there are many more who pour themselves a cuppa primarily because they adore its flavour and aroma. Problem is, if you don't want the caffeine, you usually have to sacrifice the taste too. Nespresso has tried their hardest to make sure this is not the case though. The premium coffee brand has created a range of decaf blends that are especially designed to boast the same rich character, intensity and overall sensory profile as their caffeine-rich counterparts. That is, during the decaffeination process, the Nespresso experts have worked hard to retain the essence of the green coffee so that a cup of decaf gold is just as delicious and memorable as it's caffeinated mirror image. Nespresso3 The three decaf options are based on the brand's three most popular Grands Crus: there's a rich, dark-roasted Arpeggio Decaffeinato with indulgent cocoa notes; a sweet, smooth, round-bodied Volluto Decaffeinato with biscuity notes; and a complex yet balanced Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato with floral hints. You can pick out the decaffeinated coffees from their counterparts by looking for capsules with a bright red dot on top of them. And we recommend you enjoy them in one of the fine porcelain cups from Nespresso's new PURE Collection. Simple and elegant, this range of cups and mugs has been carefully designed to help bring out the best in the coffee within them. NespressocupsThe decaf range is available from 15 March 2016 from all Nespresso boutiques in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Similarly, the porcelain PURE Collection is also available at the boutiques or online at buynespresso.com. Visit nespresso.com for more information.