CT coffee shop on top list

Adam Letch

Cape Town’s steampunk-inspired coffee shop, Truth Coffee, has been named the second coolest coffee shop in the world. Popular foodie site The Daily Meal named 11 coffee shops in a list of the coolest around the world, including a shop in Singapore, Canada and Italy among others. To make it onto the list, the shops had to pass strict criteria, including the respect given to making and serving the brown brew, customer experience and how much thought is given to decor. ‘This was difficult, as some of the best cafe decor is minimalist, but there are some minimalist coffee shops that are more visually appealing than others because of their layouts, their windows, and the amount of natural light that flows into its seating areas,’ wrote Nikkitha Bakshani. Truth's steampunk aesthetic, along with its coffee "so good that they provide the beans for various five-star hotels in South Africa," both played a big role in its placement on the list. Twitter was abuzz with congratulations for Truth, with some even remarking that the shop should be number one on the list:

The coffee shop that made it to number one? A hipster joint in Nashville, Tennessee called Barista Parlor. Coffee connoisseurs all over the world may suddenly have Nashville on their list of places to visit. Check out the full list here.   READ MORE HERE: Coffee time Pampa coffee table 8 SA coffee spots best for work and play