the crazy horse gastro pub emporium opens its doors in cape town

Interior The Crazy Horse The Crazy Horse is decorated with treasures that owner Tim Scudamore finds in his free time and is simultaneously cosy and spacious. 'The decor will evolve with the restaurant over time,' he says.

Brand new yet already filled with an abundance of life and character, The Crazy Horse Gastro Pub Emporium is the latest addition to Cape Town's trendy Bree Street strip. The restaurant offers a selection of classic British dishes reimagined by restaurateur Tim Scudamore, his talented young chef Bryce Carr and the celebrated culinary maestro Matt Manning. This trio is formidable to say the least, and the proof is in the (Yorkshire) pudding. Tim sat down with us to talk about the concept behind the restaurant, the menu and his team.

Scotch Egg The Crazy Horse Perfectly cooked with a soft and creamy centre, the Scotch Egg was beautifully presented alongside a rich and delicately-flavoured black pudding.

As each dish arrives at our table, one thing is certain: this is the best type of comfort food. ‘Everything on the plate is sourced locally,’ Tim tells us, ‘most of it from right here in Bree Street.’ The ultra-cool British soundtrack in the background sets the mood as a Scotch egg, Yorkshire pudding and pie and mash arrive at the table.

The pie and mash main was, without a doubt, the crowning glory of the evening. And it really does go to show that perfection is often found in the simplest things. The mashed potatoes are something else and have to be experienced first hand (they are also served as a side and will complement most of the mains on the menu). Chef Carr confidently smiles as we dive in. 'The mash is the best, isn’t it?’ he asks. Oh yes, it most definitely is.

The beef Wellington comes with all the trimmings.

Unbelievably, the man behind the  food is only 23 years old. Beginning is career as a scullion, this talented young chef knows his way around the kitchen. ‘The kitchen is my home,’ he says. ‘This is what I was meant to do.’ We couldn’t agree more. As well as having a hand in developing the menu (which the team hopes to change up every season), Carr will help train and upskill his kitchen staff, equipping them with culinary skills.

Atmosphere The Crazy Horse The interiors are warm and relaxed, and feature large leather-upholstered booths ideal for friendly gatherings.

'We have lots of pubs in South Africa, but nothing like this,' says Tim. 'The Crazy Horse is a nostalgic nod to the pubs in the UK from the '80s and '90s. But British food has come a long way since then, and that is what we want to showcase: a real British culinary experience.'

Forget what you think about pubs – this is a pub reimagined. It’s easy and relaxed, yet undeniably sophisticated and refined. And at the end of the evening, we walked away feeling the same as we would after a family Sunday lunch: satisfied and content.

Find The Crazy Horse Gastro Pub Emporium at 165 Bree Street, Cape Town. For more information, visit its Facebook page.
Yorkshire Pudding The Crazy Horse Topped with gravy, the Yorkshire pudding with braised oxtail came in petite, bite-sized portions, and is a delicious twist on the British classic.

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