Cognac Cocktails

It's known as the drink of kings, pure, noble and fortifying. Equally beloved by rap stars, hip hop moguls and Chinese businessmen, cognac, we have been led to believe, is best enjoyed neat, in a brandy snifter. However, cognac cocktails are extremely popular in France. Even Maurice Hennessy, scion of the legendary cognac house Hennessy, likes his cognac every now and then mixed with a splash of lemon or a blackcurrant juice. And he's not averse to enjoying it on the rocks on a particularly hot summer's day either. He recommends, however, using VS or VSOP cognac when making cocktails, while the XO and Paradis varieties are best quaffed neat. So if you're in the mood to mix, here are some cocktail recipes courtesy of Hennessy: Cran-Henny Recipe 1 1/4 oz Hennessy® cognac 4 1/2 oz cranberry juice Pour hennessy cognac into an old fashioned glass with cranberry juice and ice. Stir lightly and serve. Hennessy Martini Recipe 2 oz Hennessy® cognac 1/2 tsp lemon juice Pour Hennessy cognac into a cocktail shaker with ice. Add a squeeze of a lemon wedge, and stir together. Strain into a chilled martini cocktail glass, garnish with lemon peel, and serve. Hennessy and Coke Recipe 2 oz Hennessy® cognac 10 oz Coca-Cola® Pour Hennessy cognac into a large collins glass filled with ice. Add Coca-cola, stir lightly, and serve. Enjoy more Hennessy cocktail recipes here.   Text: Bambina Olivares Wise