Cameron Platter Exhibition

Internationally renowned artist Cameron Platter’s latest solo exhibition, I SAW THIS, highlights South Africa’s fragmented history through new drawings, sculptures, textiles, tapestries and ceramics. The focal point of the exhibition is two large-scale drawings: ‘Hungry’ and ‘Stations’, which explore Platter’s continued investigation into the residue of excessive consumption and decay. His series of charcoal drawings, ‘Gold’, will also be on show. His sculptures are often based on containers, such as fast-food boxes, pots and pans. They, as with the rest of his work, are somewhere between creative progress and regress, as the firing process destroys much of the detail in the sculptures. Platter has worked closely with the artists and weavers at the Rorke’s Drift Arts & Craft Centre to produce four tapestries to unify his exhibition. Although abstract in form, all these tapestries are based on degraded pornographic content, creating a grey area between beauty and disgrace. I SAW THIS opens on 12 February 2014 at the Whatiftheworld gallery in Woodstock, Cape Town and runs until 29 March 2014. For more information, visit