Cabrón Taco Bar: the all-new Mexican spot in the Mother City

There are few things quite as comforting as good Mexican food, especially in the chilly winter months – so we’ve been excited about the Mother City’s latest addition to the ever-trendy Bree Street. Cabrón Taco Bar is the perfect place to mix good food and company, while getting your hands dirty with truly mouth-watering tacos and nachos. We spoke to co-owner Jake Weeden about the social culture he’s trying to create here, and why he thinks Mexican food really is the best.

Nachos, tacos, margaritas: we're sold.

You’ve mentioned that you've noticed a lack of Mexican-styled street food in the CBD – where does your love of Mexican food come from? Cabrón Taco Bar is owned by Troye May, Drue Thuysman and me. Generally speaking, Mexican joints offer a laid-back, warm and colourful atmosphere that everybody loves. At Cabrón, that’s exactly what we wanted to create: you can grab a taco for lunch or nachos and a couple of drinks after work, and you can do it at your own pace. It’s a 'hangout' place, and we really want our customers to feel relaxed and at home when they’re spending time here. That really is one of the best things about the restaurant – the relaxed atmosphere. But ambience aside, the food is really good. What's your favourite dish? I can’t decide yet – I’m quite obsessed with them all. I probably order nachos the most because it’s a dish you can throw into any situation and have hands from all sides of the table dip in; perfect for sharing. The tuna taco also knocks my socks off. But then again, so does the pork taco, and the beef one, and the vegetable one!
Cabrón The explosion of flavours in each dish and its relaxed atmosphere make Cabrón an ideal spot to hide from the winter chill.

The food looks and taste authentic, but it's also fresh and exciting. How did you develop the menu?  Menu development involved a lot of experimenting in our (tiny) kitchen. There are a million different taco styles and ingredients out there. We racked our brains for the best taco experiences and ideas we've had and we just started building on those. How does it feel to have a restaurant in one of the trendiest streets in Cape Town? We’re extremely proud of Cabrón and the fact that we’re in such a well-known, vibrant and ever-evolving venue in Cape Town. It is something we’ve all wanted for a long time and we plan to turn it into a great success in the future. We feel Cabrón is a good addition to the street – and the city – and we’re really happy to offer something new and exciting to everyone. You can find Cabrón Taco Bar at 120 Bree Street, Cape Town.