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Buy a Barista

Several years ago the thought of being able to simply push a button in your own kitchen and receive any of an array of different hot beverages instantly was about as foreign as the kind of futuristic contraptions seen in The Jetsons. But like many of the inventions from this old animated sitcom, this concept is now very much a reality. Miele's two new countertop coffee machines, the CM7300 and the CM7500, can automatically prepare up to 16 different coffee variations and four types of tea, so you can just mosey into your kitchen in the morning, hit a button and be treated to anything from a long black or flat white to an espresso macchiato, Americano or fruit tea. The machines also have a host of other advantages: they boast a built-in Cappuccinatore milk frother, an advanced cleaning system for hygiene, an intuitive user interface and a special Eco mode for saving energy. Plus, they come with a One Touch for Two functionality that makes it possible to prepare two coffees at the same time and a teapot operation that can dispense up to eight cups of coffee and tea into a pot for when you're hosting guests. Miele2 What's especially great is the fact that the CM7 models also feature customisable user profiles, so you can adjust the parameters to suit your unique style and to ensure you get your cuppa exactly how you want it every time. Aside from being different in colour (the CM7300 is white and the CM7500 is black), the higher-end CM7500 also has the option to descale automatically every day to prevent lime scale build-up and it comes with a heated stainless steel cup rack too. Both are equally handsome additions to the kitchen though. The CM7300 coffee machine goes for R34 990 and the CM7500 sits at R39 990. Visit for more information.