Brandy Snaps Recipe

Recipe Raphaella Frame Styling Roger Mann Photograph Russell Smith Ingredients: 125g butter 125g sugar 125g golden syrup 125g flour a pinch of ground ginger 1T brandy for the caramel oranges 6 oranges, peeled 500g granulated sugar 2T water 1/2 cup warm water 2t Cointreau liqueur for the Chantilly cream 250ml cream seeds of 1 vanilla pod 2T caster sugar Directions: Preheat the oven to 160°C. Place the butter, sugar and syrup in a saucepan and stir over a low heat until the butter has melted and the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat, sift in the flour and ground ginger and add the brandy. Stir to combine and cook for a further one to two minutes. Drop teaspoonfuls of the mixture onto a lightly greased baking tray, allowing room for the mixture to spread. Bake for five to eight minutes or until the brandy snaps begin to turn golden brown and bubble. Working carefully (the mixture will be very hot), use a spatula or knife to lift the brandy snaps from the tray. Roll immediately into cylinders around the handle of a wooden spoon and allow to cool. (If the mixture hardens before you have a chance to shape them, put them back in the oven for a minute to soften). Using a sharp knife, segment the oranges and place them in a heat-proof bowl. In a small saucepan combine the sugar with the two tablespoons of water and, without stirring, heat until the sugar has dissolved and begins to turn an amber colour. Remove from the stove and very carefully stir in the half-cup of warm water and the Cointreau (it will steam). Pour the caramel over the orange segments and chill. Combine the cream, vanilla seeds and sugar in a bowl and whip until stiff peaks form. Using a piping bag fitted with a star-shaped nozzle, pipe the Chantilly cream into the brandy snaps. Do this just before serving to prevent them softening. Plate two to three brandy snaps per person and serve with the caramel oranges on the side. Serves 8–12 This recipe was originally published in the 2012 House and Leisure Food issue.