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Bob's Bagel Café

Bob’s Bagel Café on the park, located on a quaint cobbled street in Kalk Bay, oozes the precise amount of charm, creativity and wholesomeness that you would expect from an artisan coffee and bagel café, in one of Cape Town’s most picturesque and charming village neighbourhoods. Founded by local resident Robin Pollard in April this year, Robin combined his creative background as an architect with his love for the community, to create Bob’s Bagels, an extension of his wife, Charly's, Potters Shop. Robin, better known by locals as 'Bob the Barista', found there was something lacking in the local coffee shop fare, and after much research, sought to bring the authentic bagel experience to the neighbourhood. Bob offers an artisan New York-style bagel that is crafted from 100% whole-wheat stone-ground flour and a slightly sweeter Montreal-inspired alternative, toasted with sesame seeds. Using locally sourced ingredients, his bagels are handmade from scratch by local baker Jeremy Barty using an intricate preparation process that can take up to 18 hours. It is this process that ensures their fresh and delicious taste, daily. Bob’s bagels can either be bought in packs of four or with toppings prepared fresh while you wait. Whilst tucking into your meal, sip a cappuccino, Americano or coffee of choice in handmade cups, each a work of art from well-known local potter Tess Gawith. Other delicious tidbits include the traditional Dutch Amsterdammertje, fudge and ginger loaf. Bob’s Bagel Café menu consists of the following (please note, this changes regularly):

Norwegian smoked salmon with cream cheese

Smoked trout with cream cheese

Cream cheese and rocket

Mature cheddar and homemade strawberry jam

Cream cheese with mazavaroo (Mauritian chilli paste)

For breakfast, egg with a choice of avocado, smoked trout, bacon or cheese

Just off the Main Road in Kalk Bay, look for Bob’s red 1960s Volkswagen Kombi housing his signage and you’re nearly there. Visit Bob's Bagel Café at 6 Rouxville Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town. The café is open from 8am until 1pm on  Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays and from 8am until 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Closed Thursdays. View their Facebook page, email Robin on or call 083-280-0012 for more information.