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Bling up Teatime

Add a little bling to your teatime with this baked treat that's literally worth its weight in gold. There's no doubt that this 24-karat gold leaf doughnut isn't your average baked good. The simple doughnut is made using ube, a type of yam used to make Filipino desserts. It's then injected with an ube mousse and champagne jelly and splashed with more Cristal Champagne before gold dust and flakes are added as the final touch. Williamsburg, New York chef Bjorn DelaCruz made the creation for the Manila Social Club, a spot known for its Filipino fare. DelaCruz says he was inspired to make the decadent doughnut by New Year’s Eve. His creation also reinforces the already burgeoning movement towards gold references in the fashion, decor and design industries, which is set to become a major trend in 2016. At $100 a doughnut, these little creations can rack up quite a bill. According to NY Daily News, DelaCruz has sold almost five dozen of these gold creations already at $1 000 per dozen. Most people order the confection with an occasion such as a wedding proposal in mind. Would you spend $100 to sink your teeth into this gold confection? Tell us in the comments section below!