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The Best Ice-Cream Spots for Summer

On a hot summer's day, nothing is more refreshing than good ice-cream, although not all of us need an excuse to tuck into this frozen dessert. In the November 2016 issue of House and Leisure, we profiled vegan-friendly brand, Unframed Ice Cream. To make sure you know where the best stops are for this delicious treat, we have listed our top favourite artisan ice-cream makers across the country.

Cape Town

Image Credit: Sorbetiere Image Credit: Sorbetiere 

Sorbetiere With a promise of 70%-80% fresh fruit in their sorbets, Sorbetiere ensures that they appeal to adults on all levels. Those wanting something healthy for the kids or themselves will choose Lemon & Rooibos or Strawberry & Mint and those wanting to indulge in some seriously grown up stuff will gravitate towards the Grapefruit & Gin, the Pineapple & Rum or the Fig & Pinotage options. These are next-level sorbets. On the ice-cream front, addicts can feel virtuous knowing that there are no artificial flavours or colours being used and that real ingredients and fresh milk form the base of all ice-creams. Cardamom & Nuts, Christmas Pudding, Salted Caramel and Cointreau are incredibly tempting and the Rum & Raisin is nothing like the one the grown ups ate when you were small. Swing by the Woodstock studio to try some of the flavours or check their website for Sorbetiere stockists. You’ll be glad you did. The Creamery  The Creamery is all about handmade seasonal ice cream, made from locally sourced ingredients. Fennel Pollen & Peach. There, that should grab your attention. Of course there are the usual flavours but here the chocolate is made from imported 65% Belgian chocolate (because it’s the best) and the vanilla is unlike anything you’ve had before. But you’ll be tempted to try something different when you see that the options include Cardamom & Rosewater Marshmallow or a Mielie & Blackberry version or Goat's Cheese & Candied Cherry or a Jasmine Blossom ice-cream, or how about a musky flavoured Catawba Grape ice-cream? There are 5 classic flavours and every month brings some new flavour surprises. Buy an ice-cream cone or a tub of your favourite flavour and take a walk on the promenade in Mouille Point. Alternatively you can sit out a cold, windy afternoon and eat delicious freshly baked, warm, cookies with your ice cream. The Palmyra Junction and Newlands cafés serve waffles with their ice-cream if you’re that way inclined. Crumbs & Cream
The only thing that makes a decent Italian-style gelato even better is when it is combined with freshly baked chewy cookies. An Ice cream cookie sandwich. You haven’t lived till you’ve tried it. First step is to choose your gelato from a selection of flavours like Caramel Crunch, Bubble Gum, Strawberry Cheesecake, Oreo Cookie, Chocolate or Coconut and then you need to decide which cookies you want. Crumbs & Cream recommend that you choose two different cookies for maximum flavour impact. Think Candy Crush and a White Choc Chip combo or Butter Cookie and a Peanut Bomb or the Red Velvet… The Sea Point store is everything an ice-cream parlour should be - brightly coloured and playful. It even has a swing for those who haven’t indulged in too many gelatos. There is also a cheerful pink and yellow Crumbs & Cream food truck at the V&A Waterfront, conveniently situated outside the Watershed Market, close to the aquarium. Unframed Ice Cream Not only is owner Yann Rey responsible for the sleekest, hippest ice-cream place in Cape Town, it appears that he is now also regarded as the man who has introduced Capetonians to the very best of artisanal ice cream. He brought French ice cream to Cape Town. And there is no going back. We didn’t know what we were missing until he gave it to us. Silky smooth Spekuloos ice cream and Sea Salt caramel face stiff competition from a refreshing but indulgent Lime Lemon Basil sorbet and the vegan options are so delicious it’s really hard to believe that they are good for you. Yann is obsessed with quality and recipes are engineered between France and Cape Town. The Head of Product and Ice-Cream, Jedi is based in France but everything is made here. Perfectly. Yann Rey’s belief is that ice-cream makes one’s inner child happy and that it should be consumed every day. Amen to that.


phic4 Image Credit: Pauls Homemade

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream aka PHIC When your inner child screams out for Cereal Milk and White Rabbit ice-cream, only Paul’s Homemade will do. Every month it offers an exciting new line up of flavours based on absolutely anything that has inspired ice-cream genius Paul Ballen. Best to check out the PHIC website or their Facebook page as they supply several places and you want to be in the know as to where they’ll be selling their ice cream with homemade red velvet sugar cones or lovely meringue nests. On Fridays they turn their Flavour of The Month ice-creams into cakes (think Turkish Madagascan Delight or Salted Caramel and Toasted Marshmallow Mountain flavoured) or you can order your own according to your heart’s desire. The ice-cream is incredibly delicious and the packaging is perfection. Who knew that ice-cream tasted better in small cardboard boxes? There is also an ice-cream club that you can join which ensures that 6 flavours (500ml each) are delivered to your house monthly. Paul also hosts Ice-Cream Sundays where insanely delicious, incredibly creative ice-cream concoctions are served. These are clearly the hottest of cold tickets. Non Jozi residents, sadly, miss out on the goodness and have to make do with enviously and hungrily obsessing over Paul’s Instagram account (paul_ballen) . Pete’s Super Natural Ice Cream This ice-cream is super. And natural. And Pete is actually Peta Frysh. And while there is no stand alone store where you can buy this small batch of artisanal ice-cream, you'll want to move heaven and earth to find it. And best you do. Using hormone-free milk from pasture fed cows this is a feel good ice-cream on all levels. Exotic Rose & Pomegranate Turkish Delight Ice-Cream is apparently addictive, as is Popcorn Cream with Torched Marshmallows & Honeycomb. There is Lemon Frozen Yoghurt for when you want something light and tangy and Vietnamese Coffee for when you are craving both caffeine and ice-cream. And for after’s how about Pink Peppermint, made with old fashioned Dick’s peppermints? This one will make you want to spread the love. Or not. Because some things are just too good to be shared.


ERA Ice Cream This delightfully retro ice-cream parlour, owned by previous Master Chef Top 10 contestant Penny Fitchet, offers delicious homemade ice-cream inspired by iconic figures in history. The Pablo Picasso is all about peanut butter, then there is Julius Caesar’s Salted Caramel and Liberace’s Lemon Meringue. If you’re having trouble making up your mind, you may want to consider the waffles which also bear the names of those long gone: The Marie-Antoinette has Salted Caramel, Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla ice cream, while Chairman Mao is all about Choc Mint, Chocolate and Vanilla. It’s also worth trying their over-the-top-ice-cream milkshakes made with their own special ice-creams, and you’ll certainly be tempted by the ice-cream tarts on offer. There are also beautifully baked cakes to be had for those who don’t like ice-cream. But who doesn’t like ice-cream? Find out more about Unframed Ice Cream in HL November 2016.