Art From Mess

Plascon is going to new lengths to prove that its Double Velvet unique Stain Barrier formulation works. Their new campaign involves an artist, a webcam, and making a mess with food. Sound intriguing? Plascon has challenged Capetonian artist Jarryd Kin to create exactly that – art from mess – live on the web for everyone to see. The project involves taking foods and various household items that leave nasty stains such as jam, red wine, lipstick, colouring pens, tomato sauce and coffee, mixing them up and creating incredible artwork, live on the Plascon Facebook page. Jaryyd’s canvas is simply a board coated with Plascon Double Velvet interior paint, which he effortlessly wipes clean after each demonstration. Weekly themes are inspired by newsworthy events suggested by the public, so you too can have a say about what the artist creates next. The first artwork saw the royal couple being conjured up from nothing more than mayo, jam and peas. And it was quite an accurate depiction at that. Think you have the perfect idea for Jarryd’s next masterpiece? Then have your say and tell Plascon what newsworthy event he should paint about and you could win a limited edition print of Jarryd's latest "masterpiece" and R 5000 in cash! Tune into the Plascon Facebook page between 11am and 2pm on 17 and 24 June, and on 1 and 8 July to watch this talented artist demonstrate his skills live on the air.