A guided tour of Knysna

Is anyone in the mood for a little guided tour through Knysna? The filing can wait and the emails will still be there in a few minutes. Sit back and join me for a scenic, colour inspired, trip... First up is a wonderful little coffee shop not to be missed. East Head Cafe' is a new favourite of mine. Not only is it right on the water's edge of the Eastern Head, but the food, service and decor are great! The white screed floors and simplistic, white furniture lay the perfect foundation for the main players. Pops of vibrant colour can be seen throughout. The venue has an Afro-chic feel that is created with mint-green toilet doors (how cool?), bright red, yellow and black 'DRUM' magazine inspired cushions, bright scatters, pale Persians and wonky wall art. All the ingredients of this dish create an amazing fusion of design. Add a wonderful ocean view, and voila! You have the perfect setting... What is so extra special about this cafe' is that after you have enjoyed your scrumptious meal, you can walk it off in an unspoilt, magical and historic beach environment. I was fascinated by all the sea shell treasures and the unsolved mystery of the Paquita shipwreck. The Paquita had quite a bad run. After running aground and being rescued multiple times, it seemed that the unfortunate vessel was doomed after all, when on the 18th October 1983 the luckless vessel found her final (and current) resting place. Suspicion still revolves around her countless accidents. Was it foul play or was the vessel truly cursed? In the end the insurance never paid out... Next stop is the Knysna Waterfront. Hubby and I love a good waterfront. You see, we have a bit of a problem. I am crazy, petrified of water. And all he wants is a boat!? (I get cold shivers just thinking about it...) So the Knysna Waterfront suited me perfectly. The sea is there for him, and me, to admire (from a distance). I can do a BIT of shopping and then we can go sit down for a nice lunch and a drink. Perfect, no? The Waterfront is the perfect combination of beautiful yachts, sea-gulls and fresh air, coffee-shops and restaurants and of course, shops. We had a great time. We did a bit of sight-seeing, had a bit of a look around, I bought a great, fluffy pink jersey and we had a huge coffee-milkshake. Looking back at the photos, I get a definite Brighton pier vibe. What do you think? The red chair is from Fechters' new range of furniture that now include chairs, couches and even flat screen TV units. Very nice indeed. I must confess that Fechters and the R5 store where I snapped the wool (blush), are not at the Waterfront but on the main road in town. (I just wanted to group the red together. Can you blame me for loving palettes.) I hope you enjoyed our little trip together. You were a great companion. Let's do it again sometime. Lelanie Slater is a talented combination of interior designer, writer, blogger and lover of all things unique, beautiful and creative. She is the editor and curator behind Of Beauty and Love. This blog is a space where she features trends, products, images, inspiration, people and more. The criteria? Be lovely, unique, and interesting.