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4 World Food Trends

After enjoying a long run as the star snack food among health-conscious consumers over the past few years, kale chips will be giving way to other vegetables and new proteins as they likewise get the dehydration treatment in 2016 and line the shelves of health food stores, predict experts at Whole Foods Market. Think dehydrated broccoli, Brussels sprout and parsnip chips as well as salmon, brisket and chicken jerky. Here are a few other health food trends predicted to become popular in 2016.

1. Heirloom ingredients

Though the concept of heirloom may be best associated with tomatoes in the edible world, experts predict that heirloom ingredients will also extend to other foods, such as popcorn and chocolate. Heirloom plants and vegetables have been preserved and cultivated for generations and are prized for their old-world flavours.

2. Canned wine

Young, Millennial drinkers are driving winemakers to innovate and shed its stuffy image. Enter wine in a can, a portable option that's easy to chill and available in single servings.

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3. Gut-friendly foods

Fermented foods and probiotics will continue to trend in 2016, thanks to the ongoing popularity of Korean fermented foods like kimchi, spicy fermented cabbage. Another innovative option is chioggia beet kraut. Non-dairy tonics will also emerge as a source of probiotics.

4. New cuts of meat and sustainable seafood

Heightened awareness around food waste, and the preachings of artisan butchers will pave the way for overlooked or lesser-known cuts of meat such as sirloin top, pork T-bone chop and Denver steaks, predict experts at Whole Foods. Likewise, consumers will reach for more sustainable seafood options like paiche and wild-caught blue catfish. Other food trends predicted to gain momentum in 2016 include the popularity of non-GMO-fed verified products; alternative and wheat-free flours like chickpea flour; grass-fed products; and plant-based products that range from haircare to cheeses.