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3 Cookbooks We Rate

Jamie Does…, Jamie Oliver, (publisher: Penguin)
If the food in this recipe book doesn’t make you want to get on a plane to the likes of Marrakesh, Andalucía or Athens, then frankly, nothing will. We like that each chapter is dedicated to a different region and the food is really authentic – but easy to make and seriously mouth-watering. Watch the accompanying ‘Jamie Does’ TV series for extra inspiration. Kitchenella: The secrets of women: heroic, simple, nurturing cookery - for everyone, Rose Prince. (publisher: Jonathan Ball) This is the kind of recipe book that becomes a family heirloom. Low in pics but high in beautiful and thoughtful words, Prince’s book evokes memories of moms’ cooking and families gathering over good, home-cooked fare. From slow-cooked soul food to nourishing meals especially for kids, there’s a lot to love and make in this tome. Recipe book lovers take note – this is perfect bedtime reading. L eon Naturally Fast Food, Henry Dimbleby, John Vincent (publisher: Penguin) Leon is a London-based chain of restaurants with a cult following, thanks to the ‘good for you and the environment’, great tasting grub they dish up. This, the second of their recipe books, offers more of the Leon magic – and at a pace too. The meals in this book run the gauntlet from lightning fast dishes that take a maximum of twenty minutes to prepare to meals that can be made in advance but take a bit more time.