15 Woolworths Easter Chocolates


Easter is all about spending quality time with your family, eating lots of delicious food and indulging in far too much chocolate (Ok, so we know it's about more than that, but come on - chocolate)! Grab some of these goodies from Woolworths to hide for your Easter egg hunt, and let the games begin:   1. Chocolate Marshmallow Buns 120g, R50 139 2. Hollow Milk Chocolate Eggs 30g, R9 each 233 3. Mobile Egg Filled with Hollow Milk Chocolate Eggs, R100 328 4. Hens Eggs 135g, R36 425 5. Milk Chocolate Egg & Chocolate Paw Coin 82g, R60 each 524 6. Lindt Gold Dark/Milk Chocolate Bunny 100g, R50 each 616 7. Hanging Hand Decorated Chocolate Nest, R20 each 714 8. Milk Chocolate Bunny Lolly, R15 each 813 9. Easter Treats Box, R35 each 911 10. Jelly Bean Egg 105g, R50 1010 11. Belgian Milk Chocolate Bunny 180gR70 1110 12. Hugo Bunny Milk Chocolate Racing CarR70 1210 13. Hunt Basket Filler With A Variety Of Easter Treats, R200 1310 14. Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Egg 190gR80 143 15. Mini Bunny Tin with Speckled Eggs 50gR40 151