10 Tips for Potjie Making

Making that perfect potjie is really not that difficult. You may very well be on your way to potjie-making perfection, but we figured we'd help you out on your slow food journey. We've sourced insider secrets from some pretty prominent potjie lovers at HL HQ, so get that fire going - here are our staff's Top 10 Tips for Potjie Making:

  1. Potjies require long, slow cooking. If you can, have two fires going so you can add coals to the potjie fire as needed, and start off with hot coals then move the potjie a bit higher for less heat as it cooks.
  2. The idea is to layer the ingredients. Ones that require the longest cooking time should be at the bottom of the pot closest to the fire, working your way up.
  3. If you don't have a potjie pot, you can use any heavy pot with a well-fitted lid.
  4. To save time, fry off any meat and partially cook potatoes ahead of time. This can even be done the day before.
  5. Never stir a potjie - just let those delicious flavours stew up to perfection.
  6. It's a bad habit to look into the pot - keep that lid on!
  7. It is imperative that the chef drinks vast quantities of wine during the several hours of cooking time. This one is a must.
  8. Keep your fire on the small side – if the pot gets too hot you will burn the food. Slow and steady wins the potjie race.
  9. Fry your spices before adding the meat as it will bring out the flavour that could get diluted after hours of cooking.
  10. When storing your pot after use, 'season' it with a bit of oil on the inside and then fill with newspaper. This will stop the pot from rusting.
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