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Design Indaba 2018: Day 1

It’s more than a conference, or a music festival, or a creative showdown of designer minds. It’s the annual do-tank at the intersection of innovation, business, social impact design and creative expression. Taking place from 21–24 February 2018 at the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town, the Design Indaba Festival is a showcase of the best in design and creativity. The Conference features a highly anticipated curated line-up of design thinkers, artists, exhibitions and performances from Africa and worldwide. HL was lucky enough to attend, and in so doing bring you the juiciest take-out points. See the highlights from the Conference day 1 on Twitter Sunu Gonera
The Cannes Lions award-winning filmmaker believes in authentic African storytelling. But what does 'African' mean? And what does current – better yet, future – Afri
Hailing from the townships of Zimbabwe during the turmoil of the Civil War, Sunu’s career path reads more like a movie than real life. He has received several prestigious directing awards for commercials such as Nike and Coca Cola, while his short film, Riding with Sugar, was screened at Cannes. After time abroad, Sunu returned to South Africa in 2013 and became the top-ranked director at the Loerie Awards in 2017. His One Source music video with Khuli Chana for Absolut won Gold, two Silvers and a Bronze at Cannes Lions and was the most awarded campaign at The Bookmarks this year.
Aleksandra Gosiewski Eco fashion designer Aleksandra Gosiewski pursued a degree in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in 2017, an education that provided a conduit for three of her passions — design, innovation and sustainability. These she merged her values into a focused set of goals for innovation and sustainable design, and founded AlgiKnit, a biomaterials research group in New York – a company actively working to transform the apparel ecosystem with rapidly renewable bio-based textiles. Zach Lieberman Zachary Lieberman is an artist, researcher and hacker with a simple goal: he wants you surprised. Hcreates performances and installations that take human gesture as input and amplify them in different ways – making drawings come to life, imagining what the voice might look like if we could see it, transforming people's silhouettes into music. Sam & Rob Paddock, GetSmarter Sam Paddock is the executive director and co-founder at GetSmarter, while his brother Rob Paddock, is the co-founder and Chief of Strategic Partnerships at GetSmarter. The two Cape Town entrepreneurs founded the online education company, which has successfully educated students worldwide. 'Our promise to our students is that we will work with them to build competence and confidence, including meaningful recognition of their skills that will help them stand out from the crowd. To date, we have had the privilege of educating 60 000+ students. In 2016 we expanded our reach to 140+ countries with the world's leading universities, including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, the LSE and the University of Chicago. This has been a crucial step in our journey towards the achievement of our goal of improving 1 million lives through better education by 2030.' Tomo Kihara Playful interventionist and design researcher, Tomo Kihara develops situated playful interventions to challenge and reframe societal issues. His recent project, Street Debaters, aims to change the act of begging into a job to create public discourse through playful artefacts. Israel Ogundare Israel is an architect who is passionate about the future of cities in emerging African countries, as well as the development of new ways of thinking and seeing things. His research interests cuts across architecture and urbanism in Africa, especially as it pertains to issues around migration, city form, inclusivity of minority groups and the use of architecture as a tool in conflict resolution in the urbanisation of emerging African cities. Edel Rodriguez Edel Rodriguez is an internationally recognised visual artist; inspired by personal history, religious rituals, politics, memory, and nostalgia, his bold, figurative works are an examination of identity, mortality, and cultural displacement.

You would have seen his work as a regular contributor to the The New York Times Op Ed page and The New Yorker magazine, not to mention the more than a hundred newspaper and magazine covers for clients such as TIME Magazine, Der Spiegel, Newsweek, The Nation, Businessweek ,The New Republic, and The Village Voice. He has created dozens of book covers for clients such as Simon & Schuster and Peguin Random House, including a series of ten covers for books by Chinua Achebe, most notably Things Fall Apart.

Morag Myerscough Morag Myerscough's mantra is 'make happy those who are near and those who are far will come'. Born and raised in London, Morag has always lived in the city and has been fascinated by how colour, pattern and words can change brutal urban environments and peoples perceptions of spaces into places. Her work is characterised by an engaging boldness, creating specific, local responses to each distinct audience that will see and experience the work, using it to create community and build identity. She often works with community groups to develop ideas that reflect the identity of the users, drawing on shared cultural history and heritage of the local area. These collaborations have resulted in some strong permanent installations in hospitals, schools and libraries. She is most taken with the concept of ‘belonging’, in all its forms. Shaakira Jassat Passionate about the way the world functions, Shaakira considers herself a design researcher. A South African-born graduate, she is currently on the last leg of her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven. She has many questions about the world and how we all operate in it, and through her work she tries to understand it all. Lonny van Ryswyck
Lonny is passionate about sharing the wonders of everyday things that normally go unnoticed. Through her projects as a co-founder of Atelier NL, an Eindhoven-based design studio, she creates stronger ties between the earth’s materials and living communities. Her poetic projects reshape raw earth elements like sand and clay into tangible, everyday objects with powerful stories to tell.
Thomas Heatherwick Lauded most notably in Cape Town for his work on Zeitz MOCAA and Silo District, Thomas Heatherwick is a British designer whose prolific and varied work over two decades is characterised by its ingenuity, inventiveness and originality. Defying the conventional classification of design disciplines, Thomas founded Heatherwick Studio in 1994 to bring the practices of design, architecture and urban planning together in a single workspace. Thomas has been appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, a Royal Academician and in 2004 became the youngest Royal Designer for Industry.