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Neil Roake shares his top design tips

Elsa Young/Frank Features
neil The energy of ad man, chef, author, retailer and hotelier Neil Roake knows no bounds. In the creative arena, there is very little that he doesn’t tackle and in which he doesn’t wildly succeed. Take, for instance, The Space, a retail store that was the first to support local designers 20 years ago, which is still going strong today. Or The Concierge Boutique Bungalows, his award-winning design-driven hotel in Durban. Consider a new retail offering called Now Showing about to launch in Cape Town, and you’ll begin to understand the magnitude of force that propels this man forward. Here, he gives us his five top design tricks: 1. Glass is a brilliant way to introduce natural light into a space and provide warmth. 2. Install an eco pool with its own filtered ecosystem, especially if you live in a drought-stricken area. The sound of water is also very soothing. 3. Invest in larger showers, so you can shower with a friend. 4. If you are worried about road or city sounds, use double glazing wherever possible. 5. Natural slate or marble walls and floors in bathrooms look elegant, and are long-lasting and damp-resistant.
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