design of the times: jeeves launch striking new logo

Once considered strictly functional spaces, bathrooms have evolved into oases of tranquillity, sanctuaries in which to wind down after a challenging day – and elegant accessories round off this evolution. One of the most sublime additions to bathroom design and technology over the past two decades has been the heated towel rail, an indulgence that provides the ultimate bliss of comfortingly warm towels after you've freshened up. ALSO READ: bathroom bliss: clever design ideas to liven up your bathroom  Pioneering new trends in technology and design in its sleekly contoured products, Jeeves Heated Towel Rails has become known for cost effectiveness and energy efficiency, embracing luxurious style at the same time. As the bathroom has evolved, so too has Jeeves Heated Towel Rails, becoming a market leader in South Africa and around the world, and this evolution has now been mirrored in a new branding makeover for the company. ‘As a South African bathroom brand at the forefront of technology and style, the time was right to update our colour palette and logo to reflect the modern outlook of our brand and its contribution to the bathroom space,’ says Jeeves Heated Towel Rails marketing director, Mark Bennett. The result is a striking new logo and identity that resonates with the Jeeves commitment to clean lines, smooth finishes and incomparable design. ‘The new logo replaces the Jeeves butler with bold clean lines, referencing the current and future minimalist trend in heated towel rail design,’ says Bennett. ‘Furthermore, the third “E” in our logo sans a vertical stroke perfectly depicts three horizontal bars, describing the silhouette of our locally made heated towel rails. 'Due to the original association with the Jeeves butler, many people thought that our products are of English origin when, in fact, they are made right here in South Africa and exported to England in weekly container shipments. While the impeccable standards and qualities of Jeeves the butler are central to the brand – such as sourcing the finest stainless steel to our exacting specifications – we continue to share the message that our products are very proudly South African.’ To explore more of the ways Jeeves continues to redefine the possibilities of design in the bathroom arena, visit their website.