Crochet meets design in these 3 artworks


Knitting and crochet work appear not to be taken very seriously as an art form, but a few creatives across the globe are set to challenge that perception. We take a look at three innovative crochet designs that give this arguably old-fashioned pastime a fun update.

The Urchins

Created by Choi+Shine architects with the help of 51 yarnworkers, these giant, crocheted urchins in Singapore reflect, absorb and retransmit natural light during the day. The 17m structures glow when illuminated at night, and visitors are free to enter the hovering artworks for a closer look at their intricate patterns. knitworks

A tribute to Picasso

Italian yarn arts group Sul filo dell'arte has designed a tribute to Picasso by replicating the famous 'Guernica' – a work the artist painted in 1937 to bring the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War to the attention of the rest of the world. The series of 3D crocheted pieces took a year to complete and was on display in March this year in the town of Vicenza at Abilmente, one of Italy's major craft fairs.
knitworks Central to the painting, the horse dies in chaos and fear, representing an unequal match between swords/cavalry and warplanes/bombs.

knitworks The mother and her dead infant represent innocence, lost as she seemingly cries out for mercy from her God.


In an interesting take on a family tree, Teija Himberg and Tiina Valve use their exceptional crocheting talents to wrap colourful portraits of their family members around a tree trunk in Turku, Finland. knitworks