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Win a Nescafé Hamper

When you're used to sipping on café-quality coffee, there really is no going back. The only challenge is, it's difficult to repeat the rich flavours and delcious aromas that you get in an artisan coffee shop at home. That's where the Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine comes in - this sleek appliance gives you the option to have a barista (of sorts) in your own kitchen. Incorporating world-class technology and boasting a polished, contemporary look, the machine is designed to create top-notch single-cup servings at the touch of a button. Plus, as it has various pressure settings and an advanced system, it can produce up to 16 different hot and cold beverage options, so you'll no doubt be able to cater to whatever your guests' preferences are. And then there's the fact that it'll simply look lovely on your counter top. Its circular make-up is unobtrusive, sophisticated and contemporary, so the machine is also a covetable piece of design and a great talking point for your kitchen. In other words, it's a rather handsome barista, indeed. In the spirit of holiday cheer, we’re giving away a Nescafé Dolce Gusto Circolo coffee machine along with a Bubble Pod capsule holder, two stainless-steel travel mugs, two Iconic Porcelain Cappuccino cup sets and 15 boxes of capsules, all worth R4 979, as part of our Festive Finds campaign on 9 December 2015. To win this hamper, keep your eye on our Facebook page, and to find out what you can win over the course of the next two days, take a look at pages 56 and 57 in our December 2015 issue.