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a Kitchen with a 6th Sense

Whirlpool is a trusted appliance brand - a household name across the world, from fridges and washers to hobs and coffee makers. The latest Whirlpool 6th Sense technology brings modern intelligence into your kitchen, with heat sensors and digital features that make cooking that much easier. The 6th sense range monitors the whole cooking process, from the energy output, to the cooking time. Flavour is locked inside your food by means of specialised sensors that adapt cooking times to perfect your meals. 30 recipes are stored within the 6th Sense, allowing you to prepare food at the click of a button. effect-image-akzm-6560_ixl-oven The Cook3 element is built into the appliance to regulate heat flow in order to cook items like fish, quiche or muffins together despite the difference in cooking temperatures. The Ready2Cook function allows you to cook items by pressing a button, without waiting for the appliance to heat up. FlexiCook leaves gas-cookers behind and introduces a new touch sensor to your countertop which automatically reads the size and weight of your cooking pots and adapts the temperature for cooking (it even lets you know when water is boiled). What's more is that this type of cooker uses 20% less energy than a standard hob so it's not only about better cooking - it's also about ethical energy use. For more information visit