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WATCH: The Art Of Wine and Glass

If you love wine and you've yet to experience those crafted at Stellenbosch's Glenelly Estate, located on the slopes of Idas Valley, this soulful short film will have you cancelling all your weekend plans and hot-footing it there quick-smart. And so you should. Old world meets new world here, and while the ultra modern cellar is as state of the art as it gets, the estate is rooted in a notable legacy - that of owner, Madame May de Lencquesaing, hailing from one of Bordeaux's oldest wine families. The museum at the estate housing Mme May's remarkable collection of glass is almost as much a reason for a visit as the wine. Well... The film, by Gavin Elder, is inspired by her love for antique glass as well as the fact that glass and wine share many attributes: both come from the soil and are formed through the influence of man. Both can also be considered art forms in their own right. (via August on Vimeo)