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Viviane Sassen Exhibition

Dutch fashion photographer Viviane Sassen’s third solo exhibition at the Stevenson Gallery focuses on a remote village in Suriname called Pikin Slee. Sassen first visited the remote village in 2012 and immediately felt a connection between her history and that of the Saramacca, whose ancestors had escaped Dutch slavery. As the Saramacca’s are completely isolated from the rest of the world, they follow a very traditional way of life. The simplicity of their lifestyle and the beautiful natural surrounds inspired Sassen’s mostly black and white abstract compositions, which explore and celebrate everyday beauty. The exhibition opens on 16 January from 6pm until 8pm and runs until 22 February 2014 at the Stevenson Gallery, Buchanan Building, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. For more information, visit