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Versatile Tiles

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Having a great flow between indoor and outdoor areas has become quite an attractive feature in homes, especially if your abode is small and you want to create a sense of space. The new Style range of glazed porcelain tiles from Italtile is designed to lend itself to this aesthetic. These large Spanish-style tiles can be used both inside and outside and therefore are ideal for achieving a continuous look and feel throughout your house. The outdoor tiles have been given a slightly rougher anti-slip texture, which makes them perfect for around pools or on patios that are exposed to the elements. Plus, they’re also resistant to pool chemicals and frost stains. Aside from this slight difference though, the indoor and outdoor options are identical in look and colour. Speaking of which, the range comes in four different shades of grey – Greige, Perla, Graphite and Vision – that exude contemporary elegance. To find out more and to order yours, visit