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verdure decor: a fresh look at botanical trends

From simple and minimal to large statement blooms, floral trends are well-loved in every season. Revamp your home into an ethereal wonderland by finding ways to incorporate the look without having to raid the entire flower store.

the abstract bloom


The abstract bloom design takes an obscure view on the floral trend and gives a more dynamic aesthetic. The design works well on marble tiling and looks beautiful in a kitchen space or bathroom wall.  If you're feeling creative and have time on your hands, haul out the paint and tiles that you perhaps have from a previous renovation, preferably of a solid colour palette and create your own floral pattern.

forestry focal


A tribute to greenery, wallpaper with beautiful deep green forestry patterns create an effective focal point. Use accessories like vases or a table of different colours to create a cool contrast from the green wallpaper. If you're scared to commit to the look over a long period, use a can of green paint, or whichever colour you prefer and try your hand at the leafy look. If you get over the look you can paint right over it.

cultural craft


Kokedama is a Japanese craft of planting succulents or floral plants in moss-covered soil balls. This is another way to bring greenery into your home in an unconventional way. It's very simple to make: first mix soil, moss and clay together and form a ball. Then dig a hole into the ball and set in the plant root. Cover the ball in moss and wrap with twine string. Once the hard part is over,  have them suspended in the air and mist with water regularly. Keep them in your kitchen, living room or bathroom and bring the feel of wild fields in your home in a structured, designed way.

outdoor opulence


This is for the home where even one’s leisure time has to be spent in luxury. Designed by Marc Ange, the Le Refuge sun lounger has been made in the trending pastel pink among other colours with large metal leaves that billow above, protecting you from the harsh sunlight. If you can't get your hands on this particular sun lounger, the Novella collection from Mobelli has a similar and beautiful lounger that will allow you to achieve the same look.

living walls


Bring plants indoors against a large wall, perhaps in a room where it would stand out and create a point of interest. The texturised contrast against the smooth surfaced walls in the rest of your home would be a real conversation starter. This unconventional look will create a living wallpaper. Log onto to get a step by step tutorial on how to build your very own living wall.