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Unfold a wood slab

You wouldn't expect a table to bend or a solid piece of wood to unfold elaborately into a fully functional stool, but then, that's why Robert van Embricqs's amazing designs made from solid slabs of wood are quite the miracle. The designer, who hails from the Netherlands, creates furniture inspired by natural form. That means that you can expect organic movement from what is usually a totally inanimate object. Dubbed the Rising series, van Embricqs constructs each piece from single slab of wood with architectural precision. His designs include the Rising table, the Rising chair stool and even a centre piece bowl he calls the Rising shell. rising1 He has also created fixed pieces, including an interior light solution which functions as an impermanent ceiling which can be opened or closed depending on your need for natural light. His work appeared at the Salone Del Mobile in 2015 and most recently travelled to Singapore for the International Furniture Fair. Take a look at his work in this short video: