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Trends: Belgotex

With Belgotex Floorcoverings every floor has a feel-good story of childhood play on cushiony landings. Here, we chat to Belgotex Floorcoverings marketing manager, Helen de Villiers on nostalgia and why it’s on trend this year. What is your happiest memory on the carpet? Watching my son take his first wobbly steps was a moment of mixed emotions – joy at his development but also anxiety. The fear of him misjudging a step and falling brought back memories of playing with my brother on our parents’ lounge floor. We would spend hours on a rainy day playing and watching television on the carpet. I recall the days after my mom lifted it when we would try to bring back the softness by using our duvets which never really worked. Those memories created a sense of longing for my son to experience the same. As a trend, how is ‘nostalgia’ coming to the fore? It’s a growing mega-trend as homeowners look back to a time when quality and craftsmanship were revered. Consumers are trying to rekindle ‘family time’, reconnect, and are looking to brands and products that help them reclaim this comfort in the home. What other colour and texture carpet trends are top for 2014? Soft, earthy shades and natural textures, with ‘mushroomy’ grey-brown undertones are still staples of classic design and will remain popular. Soft, silky fibres with a delicate sheen and pops of colours with plenty of lustre are big in the US and will make their debut in South Africa soon. For more information, visit